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Jean-Pierre Paré

«My Sequoia system affords me
33 % savings»

Jean-Pierre ParéCorn Producer

Excerpt taken from the article in the December 2013 edition of L’UTILITERRE


Entrepreneur René Couture has developed a system that preheats the air entering the grain dryer using a high performance wood boiler.



If there is no smoke without fire, let’s just say that the Blue sky technology allows us to make fire without smoke. No chimney smoke is visible to the naked eye, even with a large fire burning.

COMPTON – With this second generation energy generator, Sequoia Industries calculates that it can produce energy from heat at a cost of 4 ¢/kW. The system was tested this fall at the home of crop producer Jean-Pierre Paré, of Compton. « At the moment my grain dryer can process six tons per hour», estimates Mr. Paré whose corn harvest was in full swing at the time of this interview. At harvesting the grain had a humidity level of 24% and was lowered to 14% for storage. In good weather the combine harvests more grain per hour than the dryer can handle therefore the grain is kept in silos between harvest and storage. Jean-Pierre Paré figures that the savings derived from preheating the air is approximately 33% as compared to solely using propane. Taking into account that a cord of 8 foot wood costs 100$   he estimates savings at a minimum of 5$ net per ton of corn.  Mr. Paré also estimates that he can save up to 600$ on propane per day.

At the height of the drying season the producer burned three quarters of a four foot cord of wood per day. The Paré family burns less wood during the winter despite heating two large garages and the family home. Come summer they may even heat the pool.

Since this is a first for Sequoia the installation in Compton has not yet reached its optimal performance. It is therefore arguable that the savings in money will increase over the next few years. This of course will depend on the price of propane, which at the moment hovers around 50 ¢/L. Note that the above stated figures have not been validated by an independent firm.


The Sequoia boiler can accept logs measuring up to 55 inches in length, once loaded it produces 3 000 000 BTU.


Deadwood pays off


A wood shelter allows you to dry several types of wood that have little or no market value.

Sequoia has fine-tuned its equipment so that it can adapt to any type of wood, even wood that is partially rotten. If the level of humidity is sufficiently low, under 25 %, any type of wood can be burned. Tests were performed with sawmill shavings, partially rotted wood and fallen wood left behind after a windstorm, etc. It is however recommended that you plan to use similar batches of wood so that the «energy generator» can adapt its operation to the type of wood being used. The latest outdoor boiler model can reach 3 000 000 BTU per batch of wood and 750 000 BTU/h. This is three times higher than the first Sequoia energy generator. Once in action, the fire heats a heat transfer fluid, propylene glycol, to a high temperature which is then distributed by a pipe to an exchanger and a heating unit known as the Dragon vert. The latter then propels the hot air forward (...).