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Yves Laurencelle

«We have silenced the skeptics»

Yves LaurencelleDevelopment Officer

Excerpt from the February 2013 article in LE NORD-CÔTIER


Longue-Rive – Since December 14 of last year faithful parishioners of the Saint-Paul de Longue-Rive church have been quite toasty. This place of worship built in the 1890’s is heated by nothing less than a Blue Sky boiler, sold by Sequoia Industries of Saint-Denis-de-Brompton. This economic innovation is not only environmentally friendly but also offers autonomy and well-being.


In order to slash the astronomical heating costs on three adjoining buildings, the rectory, church and municipal building, the St-Paul de Longue-Rive parish together with the municipality and without any government assistance, invested 80 000$ for the acquisition of a Blue Sky energy generator. «Since December, the rectory and church have been heated solely with the Blue Sky boiler however over the coming weeks the municipal building will also be connected», states Yves Laurencelle Development Officer for Longue-Rive, who strongly believes that they will have a return on their investment in as little as 2 -1/2 years. «The cost to heat these three building was around 50 000$ per year. With this new heating system which we simply had to connect to the existing system, we now anticipate a cost of no more than 10 000$ per year». Fed with 4 foot logs furnished at a low price by Ushkuai, the local forestry company, the Blue Sky boiler has an intelligent emission control system that allows it to generate energy without emitting the slightest bit of smoke(...).

Yves Laurencelle, Development Office for the municipality of Longue-Rive, piloted this project in concert with the Saint-Paul parish board. In a few weeks the municipal building will also be heated by the Blue Sky boiler.


A community becomes involved

A kingdom of volunteers if there ever was one, the municipality of Longue-Rive is aided by a team of 20 volunteers who take turns feeding the boiler every 8 hours. «Even during the recent cold weather the temperature in the church never went below 74 degrees Fahrenheit. And at midnight mass on December 24 we silenced the skeptics by cranking the thermostat up to a balmy 84 degrees. I have to tell you it didn’t take long for the ladies (sic) to take off their coats», jokes Mr. Laurencelle. Thus even at 40 degrees below zero with the wind chill factor the oil and electric heating systems in the Saint-Paul church were never used during January. In recent years it cost the Saint-Paul parish approximately 2 000$ and 1 500$ per month for electricity and oil respectively. «However wood consumption has been very reasonable as between January 15 and February 24 we have used only three cords of 4 foot logs per week, which amounts to a semi-trailer load every 6 weeks», he concluded.